Sponsored Supplements

Our journals accept supplements. Supplements are generally viewed as being high-quality, peer-reviewed supplements that focus on novel developments and summarize relevant research findings. Publishing a supplement has two distinct stages: (1) editorial peer review of the manuscripts; and (2) production and publication of the supplement manuscripts. The two stages incur separate fees and agreements with the organizations of the society (editorial peer review). Supplements are expected to meet the same editorial standards as the journal to ensure that the material is interesting and relevant to the journal's readership.

It is important for us to consider all proposals carefully and thoughtfully. To enable us to do so, please send us a 1–2 page summary of the proposed contents and authorship of the supplement. All supplements should contain a general introduction. The summary should give an indication of any relevant deadlines for the sponsors, e.g. conferences that the supplement should be available at. It should also give an indication of the number of manuscripts to be included in the supplement and when they are likely to be submitted to the Editorial Office.

A manuscript is defined as any separately authored article; for example, a general introduction to the supplement would be counted as one manuscript. The decision on the proposal is likely to take up to 14 days.

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